The sun hung merrily in the sky; shining down on mankind in all its resplendent glory. The soft fluffy clouds waffled through the pale, blue sky. The journey for the man with a flute had just begun on a street weary of travelers in a village.

Walking ahead playing the flute, the melodious sound reached the ears of a girl of marriageable age. Tears were trickling down her creamy cheeks as water trickles down a rock from an overflowing stream, for her parents had passed away in an accident in the city. She sat in one place lonely, hopeless, and deserted. The melodious sound gave her hope to move on. Motivated and courageous she decided to look forward.

The melodious sound soon reached the ears of the little boy who looked discouraged and crestfallen. Recently, his close friends had shifted to another village. He sat quietly, throwing pebbles and looking distantly at the water in the pond. The euphonic sound struck his ears as realization. His face lit up like a thousand watt bulb. He realized that he could do so much more. Brimming with pleasure he got up and ran to the ground and mingled with the new faces of the village.

The man continued to walk ahead playing the flute. On hearing the sound, the face of the old lady sitting under the tree lit up. The thought of death left her. The soothing music from the flute comforted her; she felt energetic and lively and thought that she could even run a mile. She smiled, hummed a tune, got up and dusted her dress to meet the other chirpy woman around.

Music gives hopes.                                                                                                                                                                             Music is inspiration.                                                                                                                     Displaying images (1).jpg    Music soothes and comforts.                                                                                                           Music heals.                                                                                                                                       I love music.

-Vandana  Hemdev
10 C

A.V.M B.W.