Music is the melody that is present in every part of nature.  It is the pleasant sound that leads us to experience harmony and higher happiness.  It plays an integral and essential role in our life.  It is a key to the soul, which helps in making us physically and mentally healthy.


Music is believed to be divine in every religion.   All religions believe that music is a medium to reach the eternal God.  It is common to recite mantras and other hymns in praise of God during religious ceremonies.  Music creates a peaceful and calm aura in the surrounding.  It takes us to the meditative state of mind.  When we are overwhelmed or stressed by daily distractions around us, listening to our favourite music instantly calms us down.


Music is said to be one of the most ancient healing techniques.  Music therapy can greatly improve overall quality of life.  Music therapy is advised for expecting mothers for the healthy growth of the foetus.  Doctors use music therapy for various other ailments.


Music is a great way to make bonds between people.  Youngsters enjoy going to rock concerts, while older people enjoy calm tunes.


Music is one of the greatest creations of nature.  It can be rightly said that life without music is just like the earth without the sun and the moon.


Rhea Jain

Std IV B

V.C.W.  A.V.M Bandra East