Therapy with the help of music is no longer a joke. It was discovered in ancient times that along with music being relaxing and entertaining, it can be used to cure various diseases like cancer and is also used in various rehabilitation centers for the client to recover from a drug or alcoholic addiction. Music therapy is an allied health profession consisting of a process in which a music therapist uses music to help clients improve their physical health. Music does not discriminate between the rich and the poor and is a luxury for all. It helps a person relax and enjoy his surroundings. It helps us get relieved of all the work and pressure we face in our lives, whether the pressure is on a child working hard to get good marks in his exam or on a adult working hard to please his boss, music can relieve him of the pressure and stress. There is no man who is not affected, touched and changed by music in the entire universe. Music under the right circumstances can influence the souls of even the hardest people and affect them in a positive way. Music helps to release and understand our emotions and helps us realize who we truly are. Music has the power to change a man in a positive way and make him change his life and to live with an objective. Nowadays we all listen to music but actual music is not which comes blasting out of our phones but that which touches our hearts and fills up with emotion.


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