It is indeed heard that music is a natural form of healing a person. We all hear music don’t we?

If yes why? Well it is because of melody makes us  feel of positive and  relaxes you.  Doctors state that infants when inside their mother’s womb react to outside sounds. After they are born they respond and show a change in their sleep cycle due to the  noise of patients, sounds produced by ventilators and all the machines present in the hospital.  The same doctors later noticed that the sound of peaceful music increase an  infant’s health as well as sleep pattern and keeps the mother stress free.  Well- known physiologist Dr. Daniel J. Levitin who studies neuroscience has shared that music improves the body’s immunity along and reduces stress. Most importantly it reduces anxiety in people. Dr Levitin noticed that patients in an emergency situation calm down after listening to music .  Well not to forget  the surgeon who too listens to his favourite piece before working his scalpel.

Music has been used for millenniums to cure patients. The word ‘AUM’ is a vibration which slowly relaxes the mind and body and was used by our ancestors to remain healthy for longer periods of time. We at Arya Vidya Mandir Bandra West too chant AUM for various purposes,  before our reviews, in the morning at Assemblies and of course in our Yoga classes. I would love to continue this even after leaving school. Music well plays an important role in our lives in the form of many things.


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A.V.M B.W.