Music therapy says:

Music is a core function in our brain- Music precedes language. Our brains are wired to respond to music, even though it’s not “essential” for our survival.

We have physiologic responses to music- Every time your breathing quickens, your heart-rate increases, or you feel a shiver down your spine, that’s your body responding physiologically to scary music..

Music helps improve our attention skills-Even from an early age; music can grab and hold our attention. This allows us to target our attention and focus towards the goal, both basic skills we need to function and succeed.

Music enhances learning – Do you remember how you learned your ABCs? Through a song! The inherent structure and emotional pull of music makes it an easy tool for teaching concepts, ideas, and information, not only making it easy to learn, but also easy to recall later.

Music taps into our memories- Have you ever been driving, heard a song on the radio, then immediately been reminded of something or someone? Music is known for its ability to stimulate our memory in a very powerful way.

Music is predictable, structured, and organized–and our brain likes it!- Music is organized in a way that we like and enjoy listening to over and over again, our brains really like this predictability and structure.

“Our bodies like rhythm and our brains like melody and harmony.”

-Daniel Levitin.