Music brings harmony. Music makes me feel calm and composed. I  start dancing gracefully and I  just cannot stop! I feel really light as if I am flying in the air. If I could see music I would describe it as a wave in the sea which sometimes has a tide high or low  or like a soft and silky piece of cloth which I could wrap around myself. Music has such an essence that I can smell its strawberry and aquatic fragrance before music is switched on. Music has a magical power and  positive energy that spreads its vibrations all over and soothes the mind of a restless person. Sometimes the music that we love just settles down in our mind and we keep singing it all day. It is actually capable of getting you out of the remorseful mood you are in and just make you more jolly and energetic. It basically taps into our emotions and memories! Music helps improve your attention skills as well as enhances learning. It can also cure many types of sicknesses.  Music lightens up people’s life.