Music is a prayer,

A band of notes that make you feel

Happy, nostalgic and intense.

It cures the pain in you,Related image

Fades out your worries,

And invites a wide grin to adore your face.

When I hear music

It makes me enthusiastic,

Reminds me of those special moments

That I cherish in my  life.

Music nudges innumerable emotions;

A soft theme de stresses,

A bass-y one compliments high vigour,

And an instrumental piece paces up.

Music is a best friend,

Which enhances one’s personality in every way.

It gives meaning to life.

Music is a medicine with no side effect;

 It heals one’s soul.

                                                                                    By – Yashna Pandit

                                                                                                 Class – 9

                                                                                               A.V.M. BW