We are living in this world today, 

In a generation that we may,

Our generation is our identity…it’s just our way,

No one can change it, what do you say?


Music has captured the world in its way,

New albums are coming up, making everyone gay.

Pop, party and rock is generation next,

Retro and classics are amongst the rest.


Off shoulders, skirts and ripped jeans are all we wear,

Fashion and trends have taken their place in our hair.

All of us want to wear the best of attire,

After it is out of trend, it’s lying in the wardrobe to expire.


Technology has taken over our generation as a whole,

Without Wi-Fi all of us have a restless soul.

Apple, Blackberry and Samsung all compete to make their way,

Laptops, MacBook’s and tablets, what more do I say?


Our generation can be described as,

Awesome, classy and cool.

Our identity is what each one has,

And that’s how we rule!!!!

Aashna Kenia


AVM Bandra East