Predicting the future is a difficult task – especially in the Media Industry. Technology has enabled new ways of interaction and many more are yet to be explored in future. Also, due to advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI), professionals have more methods and venues for getting their messages heard.
AI has automated a lot of production procedures. The Media Industry has started using AI software to improve their speed and efficiency. In future, AI will influence all parts of the media value chain by helping content creators to be more creative, content editors to be more productive and by enabling content consumers to find the content that matches their interests and current situations. Complex decisions will be taken faster and far better than humans, by recognizing patterns and predicting outcomes. 
Considering the future of AI in the media industry, many have started merging with even the smaller aspects of AI to beat performances and attract users. Hence the use of AI in the media industry will help in achieving outstanding results. Audience base will be increased, which will give mileage in the future.

Naisha Chhalani STD 3 A