Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the ability of a computer program or a machine to think and learn. It is also a field of study, which tries to make computers smart. In general use, the term “Artificial Intelligence” means a machine which mimics human cognition.

AI is everywhere. Even in the unlikely event that you have not heard of AI, you would probably already have used it. If you do a search on Google, use Siri, or shop on Amazon, all of these systems use AI.

AI has found its way into the media industry in the last few years. It is used for the tasks that are most repetitive in nature, thus reducing the amount of time needed for such tasks. The information generated with AI tools is not only quick but accurate too.

Stories on topics ranging from sports to economy to movies are written entirely by an algorithm and posted within minutes. It is highly likely that the future media will consist largely of content produced by AI. The major impact of AI will continue to be on the demand side of media. AI will make it easier for consumers to find the media content that they want.

Google search, Amazon product recommendations and the Facebook news feed all rely heavily on AI technologies. The future feature of AI in digital media will be the personalization of search and matching – using rich information about a consumer’s prior choices and characteristics to select content uniquely suited to his/her tastes.

Arya Pandit