“Water is the driving force of all nature” Leonardo da Vinci said. ¾ of the earth’s surface is covered with water. Despite that there is a huge scarcity of fresh water in the world, such that, the United Nations has made it an important goal. Why did this happen?

Water is life for human beings as well as for our ecosystem. This precious boon is often wasted by leaving it running when brushing our teeth, shaving or doing the dishes, taking long showers, using hoses to clean cars—to name a few. As our population increases, our wastage also increases.

We are a very privileged lot— we don’t realise the resources at our disposal until we see the water crisis in African countries where drinking water is also a luxury. In these areas, they know the value of it.Thus, conserving water is important for us and our future generation also. This can be achieved through rainwater harvesting, using bucket water than showers, avoiding overflow from tanks and most importantly, fixing leakages. In fact, my parents took me to a housing society where I met Aabid Surti uncle from Drop Dead Foundation, a Mumbai –based NGO who has been felicitated for saving thousands of gallons of water. Every week he visits houses with a plumber and fixes leakages in that building. I loved his poster that had Ganesha saying, “If you waste water, where will you immerse me?”

There is a famous saying that says “Every drop makes an ocean.” Similarly, if we each of us take conscious efforts to change our mind set and contribute our bit to saving water, it will go a long way in conserving this precious resource. Our parents are taking efforts to educate us, teach us how to take care of the limited resources we have and to address the real problems of global warming, deforestation, rise in sea levels — all to leave behind an earth which we must protect. After all, “Without Blue, there is truly no Green.”