Water is an essential necessity and life without water cannot be thought of. When looking for life on other planets scientiss look for presence of water there. Thus, we can say when it comes to water “Every Drop Counts’.

Our planet Earth‘s 71% of the area is covered with water.  Water is actually the biggest source of life… but does this mean we can take the water we have lightly! The fact remains that the lack of water can finish life on Earth. Scary, right! We can end the world by wasting water resources.

We use water for many purposes such as drinking, washing, cleaning, cooking etc. however we take water for granted. It is only during the summers we do understand the value of water when we face its shortage!

Fresh drinking water is getting depleted day by day the most common cause of for this is the fact we are not sensitive what are usage

There are many ways by which we can minimize the wastage of water, some of them being 1) Use of half flush when possible 2)Use of buckets instead of shower for bathing 3) Ensure the tap is off when not in use not to use 4) Use of hose for washing vehicles 5)Run the washing machine only on a full load 6) Keep the tap closed while brushing teeth… there are many more ways by which we can save water.  What is important that we work to words it with a clear mind!

We need to make a pledge to save water and makeeach and every drop count. It is extremely important that we need to make every person aware of the problems which can arise due to scarcity of water on earth.

There is a proverb in Hindi which is so apt it says “Jal hai to Kalhai” Which means if there is water then only is there a future. For our future to be safe we need to preserve water and this can be only done if each and every drop of water can be saved.

Water gives us life…..conserve it. Water is the most precious resource that mother nature has given us.

   Bhuvika Nanda


Roll No. 11