Being underwater… 

Being underwater is so relaxing

It is really surprising 

If you go underwater 

Make sure to stop. Look around…at the calming water 

See the marine life…

And you will come alive 

The world under… 

Will make you wonder 

There are no people down

So feel free to run around 

It is like meditation 

Within a soothing creation 

It is a peaceful environment 

It is a subtle enlightenment

With all those corals  

They give us positive morals 

It will lighten your mood

And will be the humble soul’s food

Just close your eyes 

And something you will realize

Just imagine what the world would be like without water?

And so, my friend…. every drop matters!

~ Anoushka Dhutia


Arya Vidya Mandir Bandra (West)