Joy of sharing and caring plays an important role in my life as I like to share and care from my childhood. I have got a lot of certificates and I get a good feeling when I care for someone or share with someone. There was a friend of mine and her name was Shreya. She was my best friend; we use to share each other’s problems. One day she fell into trouble because she needed some money and she was very sad in school. When I asked her about the problem she started to cry and was not ready to tell me anything. However I forced her to tell me about her problem. She told me that she needed some money. I first thought about the problem and then told her to meet me tomorrow in school. I told my parents about my friend’s problem and they gave me the money she needed. When I gave her the money the next day she looked very happy. Looking at her I also got happy. The act of giving money made my good impression in school which was of sharing and caring. During the open house the teachers told my parents about my behavior and that made my parents proud of me. From that day on sharing and caring became an important aspect of my life.  

Khushi Kaushal


AVM, Juhu