Jammu and Kashmir, a paradise on earth

Enamored by beauty, splendor and charm, where…

Snow- white icy mountains stand high,

Streams flow with sweet sounds,

Colourful birds sing and chirp in green forests,

Magnificent chinar trees and spices like Saffron grow,

Green meadows, valleys of flowers and apple orchards

Eagerly wait to welcome us.

Jammu and Kashmir, a land of ecstasy

Teeming with music and melody, where…

Music of Santoor fills the air,

Sufi songs enchant the valley with divinity,

The dances like Rouf, Hafiza, BhandJashan, and BhandPather

Rock the valley, bonding people

Casting a spell of togetherness and tolerance,

Putting at rest all our worries, tiresomeness and pain


Jammu and Kashmir, abode of love and compassion,

A place renowned for hospitality, where…

Local people who look gorgeous in their native dress

Always warm and smiling, give memories for a life time, of-

Warm greetings, care, food, stay in the warm Boathouses, lovely Pashmina shawls;

Welcoming tourists from all over the world where live together

people of three religions –Hindus, Buddhists and Muslims,

Spreading the message of peace and love!!