She saw the grass
Which was around her
On top of brown land
It looked like green fur.
She just sat there alone
With no soul hovering
It felt like the world,
Was behind a covering
The darkness in the night
Made it even worse
She felt as if
It was some sort of a curse
The wind was blowing
Just against her face
She could feel the strangeness
In every single place
It was a moonless night
With no stars in the sky
She felt so broken that
A tear rolled down her eye.
Not even a finger did she move
But just sat there and thought
Of all the times she spoke up
Or all the times she fought
She screamt out so loud
And banged her fist in distress
And wondered why God
Had made her life into a mess
She asked herself
That why was she born a girl
Wasn’t she supposed to be,
Her family’s little pearl?
She wasn’t treated like her brother
Who was the king of the house
Because in front of a man
She was even less than a mouse
She was denied further education
At sixteen, a tender age
And forced into marriage
Feeling trapped like in a cage
She couldn’t think of just
Becoming someone’s wife
So she looked around for help
And found a sharp knife
When she held the knife
The atmosphere was filled with mist
The knife was just a centimeter away
From cutting off her wrist
As tears rolled down her eyes
She looked high up top
Something happened and she dropped the knife
That something made her stop
She rose and stood up
Shaking her head
She said to herself
She cannot be dead
She took a brave step forward
And walked quite a bit
Until she decided that
She was never going to quit
She ran and ran and ran
From that place worse than hell
Because inside she knew that
She deserved to be treated well
Years have passed by
But she still stands strong
For she has fought a battle
Which lasted very long
Today she is successful
And stands out in a crowd
Because she beleived in herself
And made herself proud
Today she has the courage
To stand tall and say
That she is a woman
And takes pride in being that way
Life hasn’t been easy for her
She has toiled and worked hard
She protected herself from everything
For she was her only guard
 She said, “Life will throw you into problems
And you will have your bad bits
But in the end you will realize
Its all going to be worth it.”
Khushi Madan
AVM Juhu