The beats in my chest slowed down. Almost like they had faced the fact that I wasn’t going to live. I stared down at the streets. Tiny cars raced .I felt the saliva in my mouth dry .I stepped upon the edge of the building. One more step and it would be over. I would be free from birth and death. Free from pain.Immortal.Eternal.I looked down again and dizziness rocked my vision. Free.

And then something stopped me. No human but a melody. Its notes spun around my head. The soft, lilting female voice rose and fell. The words suddenly became clear.

Won’t you heal all my wounds?
Won’t you let me see the sky?
Not pitch black but a light blue.
So now the sun comes out
Raining joy on all.
Sing the Psalm, children.
The Psalm all about the
Beauty of life.
The beauty of life. What a joke. Life was dull. Nothing to live for. Failure knocked on every door I tried to open.
Who says, who says you’re not perfect
Who says you’re not worth it?
Who says you’re the only one that’s hurting?
A lot of people. Fat nose, round cheeks, dark skin. Who would consider me remotely pretty?

A voice said. You are pretty. What about the girl who sits three rows down?Her face is caked .You don’t need makeup to look good.

Sure. Like I don’t lack in the brainy part. The medal for being stupid and uncool should go to me.

Lies. You are the smartest person in that school.

Everyone else is so much smarter. If so many people tell me that the answer is wrong then it must be. I should just listen to them,keep mum.

Who has the right to tell you what to do? Only you.

I stopped. Mechanically I turned around and walked down the stairs. Then I turned around and raced into the city that never sleeps with a song in my heart.
Anisha Rao