By Vaaruni Sharma, Class 6C, AVMJuhu

Who can resist a nice little story? Wouldn’t you love to just open a book and read through? The past is always in the form of stories and everyone loves stories. The myths and legends of the ancient times form the fabric of our past. Everyone knows the Ramayana, so in a way, each person has their personal time machine. Whether you are listening to the story, reading it or watching it being performed, you can instantly picture in front of your eyes, the righteous lord Rama at war or Sita, captive in Ravana’s lair. The stories always seem to be right there, in our mind.
This is our cultural connect, the thing that ties us together. This prevents us from falling apart in times of adversity. On the surface, these myths tell us about the lives and times of our ancestors but deeper down, they inspire us as they tell us about their resilience through their trials and tribulations. The ancient times were dangerous, what with wars and bloodthirsty rulers. The people of those times were brave and had to survive in difficult conditions. Our times of difficulty pale in comparison and they teach us to be thankful to be living in a disease free life with advances in medicine and technology. The myths were of numerous hues; ranging from tales of revenge, war and injustice and at the same time, of generosity, bravery and righteousness. The stories were usually full of adventure, replete with examples of moral and physical courage.
Our ancestors believed in many gods and goddesses and these myths were based on them. These myths portrayed the victory of good over evil, of always doing good in times of adversity. They inspire us and light a beacon of hope that must be carried over from generation to generation to keep that light alive. This is our duty and destiny as Indians.