Long, long ago in the land of the gods,
There sat shiva, saraswati and the other lords.
Magnificent in their divine rule,
All are great, all are cool.

Brahma the creator of all,
Is the most mighty- stands tall.
Vishnu the preserver keeping us alive,
So that towards our goal till death we can strive.
Shiva the destroyer- he does eliminate
And helps us while the dead we cremate.

The avatars of Vishnu- all great heroes,
Totally blue- up to the tips of their nose!
Krishna and ram- naughty but brave,
For the love of their lives are like perfect slaves.

Pandavas and kauravas out for blood,
With war, India had a red flood!
Wicked shakuni playing his dice,
Tricking the pandavas with a head full of lies.

Rama shooting arrows while krishna eats butter,
With various stunts they made their mothers’ heart’s flutter.
Ganesh with his elephant head and his lust for food,
Against many trials- triumphant he stood!

Prahlad prayed to divine vishnu,
Raced hard while Hiranyakashyapu ran behind holding a shoe.
His aunt Miss Holika raged with fire,
In the end burnt herself and her glam attire.

Though ravana now resides in hell
He lives in each of our hearts, god can tell.
And though every year on dussehra we burn him,
That doesn’t make the evil in us any dim.

Even then, grandly we celebrate each festival,
Also mourning the deceased in a silent lull.
Festivals like holi and diwali also tell us,
Let the good win and the wrong lose without much fuss.