Indian mythology is one of the richest elements of Indian culture, which enriches it further and makes it unique in the world. Indian mythology has different stories which have been passes on from generation to generation either by word, mouth or through stories scripts. The stories vary from subtle maxim conveying tales of panchatantra and jataka to subtle life paradigm defining stories from the Ramayana and the Mahabharata.

Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva are considered the highest gods of Hinduism. Brahma the creator and ruler of brahmalok, Vishnu the preserver and ruler of vaikunth and Shiva the destroyer and ruler of kailash.

Lord Brahma is depicted with four heads and four arms. It is from these four heads that Vedas were divided into four parts.

Lord Vishnu is very valuable and versatile. Wherever the precious balance between god and evil is at stake Vishnu returns to earth to restore order.

Lord Shiva is regarded as limitless, transcendent, unchanging and formless. Shiva has many benevolent and fearsome forms. It is said that Shiva has interest in yoga and art and thus yoga and art have partially derived from Shiva’s interests.

Thus, we see that Indian mythology has a great connection with our tradition, culture and lifestyle. Many things we derive and learn from our fore-fathers and Indian mythology. Indian mythology has a great connection and makes Indian unique from the rest of the world!!