By Sai Sankhe, Class 6B, AVM Juhu

Let us go to the land of Ayodhya,
To hear about Ram and Sita,
Who left to go to the forest,
Just on their father’s request,
There, the demon Ravana came in disguise,
And Sita fell a prey to his vice,
In a land overseas, after a fierce fight,
Dawned a day where good prevailed over evil might,
Ravana fell down in the battle field,
Sita was freed from his yield,

In Mahabharata, they worshipped beautiful deities,
It is magical realism,war and victory,
The final outcome for the five Pandavas was glory,
This ended the heartless Kauravas story.

Today, we think about
These epics and say that,
Indian mythology was great,
A special ‘Thank You’ to Valmiki, VedVyasa
And all the others,
Who spoke and wrote like brilliant authors.