By Avantika Chandra, Class 4C, AVM Juhu

  1. Scientific Reason Behind Joining Both Palms To Greet:

In Hindu culture, joining both palms together to greet means paying respect to others. It is called as “Namaskar”. However, scientifically speaking joining hands ensures joining tips of all the fingers together, which are denoted to the pressure points of eyes, ears and mind. Pressing them activates the pressure points which help us remember that person for a long time.

  1. Scientific Reason Behind Applying Kumkum /Bindi On The Forehead Of The Hindu Ladies:

On the forehead between the two eyebrows is a spot that is considered as a main nerve point in human body. In Hindu culture, the Kumkum is believed to prevent the loss of energy and retain it within the body and control various levels of concentration. While applying Kumkum the points on the mid-brow region are automatically pressed. This also helps in blood flow to the facial muscles.