Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Yesterday: India’s economy was in jeopardy. Unemployment rate was at its highest. Our countrymen faced various problems like poverty, illiteracy, malnutrition, starvation and lack of medical facilities. Rigid and backward customs like child marriage were prevalent. Women were oppressed and there was discrimination based on race, class and gender.

Today: India state has improved drastically. We now have nuclear power plants and have made advancements in space research. Our defense forces our powerful and our economy is the developing. Women have equal rights as men and can compete against men in any field of their choice. Our quota and reservation system for the underprivileged and backward classes has educated thousands. We now have internet and mobile network facilities which have greatly improved our lifestyle standard.

Tomorrow: What will India be? Will it grow into a superpower or remain stagnant? Our future depends upon the governments choices of today.