Change is the foundation of life. We keep changing everyday from the day we are born. Change happens not only in us but also in various creations of God around us. If there was no change, a caterpillar would not have broken out of its cocoon to become a butterfly. If there was no change, I would have remained a baby forever. In fact, I probably wouldn’t have been born because if there was no change, then a man would still be a monkey living in jungles. However, the truth is, he didn’t remain a monkey. He evolved to become Man, who could stand erect on his two feet.


With time, man kept changing the way he lived. He invented lots of interesting machines to make his work and life simple. Some of these inventions have made my life very interesting. Now I can press few buttons on my computer and google whatever information I want. My parents can book all kinds of tickets and do shopping online on the Internet, which was not possible before. I can not only talk on the phone with my dad but also Skype and see what he is doing while talking, even when he is travelling far away from Mumbai. Amazing gaming experiences on screen these days make me feel that I am actually playing the real game.


The life that I live today is the result of lots of changes that either occurred naturally or were brought about by mankind. Without these changes, life wouldn’t have been as we know it.


Avik Bajaj

3rd B

AVM Bandra East