The busy city life often distracts one from nature’s beauty. Summer vacation gives us the freedom to relax and have fun. This year, I visited Hyderabad in May.


Hyderabad is the land of monuments. After checking into the hotel, we had a scrumptious breakfast.  We planned to visit the ‘RAMOJI FILMCITY – INDIA’S MOST FAMOUS FILMCITY’ later that day. I went on many rides and also saw the ‘behind the scenes’ at Bollywood. They showed us various visual effects seen in movies. We toured their visual cities used in film shooting, and visited a magic ghost house which was really scary. They have excellent 3D features including the Ramoji Tower. The tower was the best part of the whole visit to the film city.

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I visited and saw many beautiful places, like the Hussain Sagar, a lake with a statue of Gautam Buddha built in the midst which enhanced its beauty. The city is abundantly green with occasional monuments interrupting the lush greenery. Charminar, a lovely tower with four minarets, was the highlight of the skyline. It was an amazing experience, and left me with memories I still cherish.