The ones who left,

When they were needed,

left you in dark,

When for their torch you pleaded.

Probably this happened,

As better friends you deserved,

Now with the new friends,

Your seat is reserved.

The pain the old ones gave,

Was sharp like spears,

It hit really hard,

And left you in tears,

They left you with wounds,

And how badly you bled,

“Sorry I can’t support you”,

That’s all they said.

They talked about you,

Taunted you and abused,

Yes so you’ve realised finally,

That you were just being used.

Today in life,

You’ve got all you needed,

living a lifestyle millions desire,

Yes you’ve succeeded.

You’re the best at your job,

Now you own a billion dollars,

Leaving the betrayers speechless,

Who thought they were ballers.

You’ve got a million followers,

Your fans want your autographs,

Newspapers print about you,

Media clicks your photographs.

Your left behind betrayers,

Are now in a shock,

You’ve succeeded in life,

While all they did was talk.

Now at your door they knock,

“Let’s be friends”they pleaded,

Now its your turn to say,

“You’re no more needed”

~Krish Kheskani