The Ramayana-the story of Shri Rama has inspired people for thousands of years. From time to time, this story has been written by different people in different languages to bring it closer to the common man.

Do you know how many Ramayana’s there are? Hundreds we are told. Here are some of them.

Valmiki Ramayan- Valmiki
Adhyatma Ramayan- vyasa
Tulsi Ramayan- saint Tulsidas
Kamba Ramayan- kamban(tamil)
Bhushundi Ramayan- Kaok Bhushundi
Govind Ramayan- sikh guru Shri Gobind Singh ji
Mantra Ramayan- mandal 6 of rig Veda
Vichitra Ramayan- Oriya
Bhanu bhakt Ramayan- Nepali
Madhav kandali krit Ramayan- Asamese
Koka Ramayan- Gujarati
In each and every Ramayana, lord Rama means:
One who is pleasing, charming, beautiful, upright, honest and one who gives rest.

By Siya Mundra, Class 3B, AVM BE