Happiness is a relative context. Each individual finds joy in different activities, experiences and situations. Happiness can be found in all kind of places. Happiness must be something that an individual creates.

Many things that make us happy are a product of hard work.  There are many obstacles that will try to get in the way of your happiness – fear, uncertainty and everyday struggles are just a few of them.  However, we can chose to find the strength within ourselves to overcome these difficulties, to rise above that which tries to weigh us down.Image result for happiness

Our thoughts, and our actions, determine our happiness. We can decide how we’re going to react to certain situations. Are we going to let others bring us down or are we going to stand up for ourselves and remind ourselves of our greatness? Are we going to give up on our goals or keep striving to accomplish them? It’s up to us! While some days are easier to find a smile than others, happiness is a daily choice. It’s a mind-set we can nurture and train. That doesn’t mean it’s there every second, but when you notice it’s missing, often the tinniest shift can put you right back on top of the world.

Life will constantly test your ability to make a lemon martini out of the sourest lemons. So be ready.

Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions” –Dalai Lama.

Kuldeep Derola

Class 9B