There have been many inventions in the last century to make lives of my generation easier.

In the 20th century people had to go to other people’s houses even to tell them the least important things. Now people use phones to talk to each other. Another invention is the wheel. Before the wheel was invented, people had to walk to reach to reach their destination. One day, a group of people saw a rock rolling down a slope. Then, they tried the same technique on a log. It worked! That was the story of how the wheel was invented. I also liked the invention of the light bulb which was made by Thomas Edison. Before that, people had to light torches in and around their house during the night. But now it is easier for us to see in the night because we have light bulbs.

I hope someday, someone will make a great invention. I hope that I will also make a great invention to be used in the next generation!

Tanmay Gupta


AVM Bandra East