Though the year 2020 has been perilous and arduous for all of us, it has taught us a lot. 2020, the year of the menacing corona virus has been horrendous with great ordeals yet it has up skilled us with a lot of things. First is; it has slowed down our accelerated schedules, we have to spend some time with our families and loved ones rather than being forever busy with our back to back schedules. Many of us have taken a quantum leap with means to technology, with an example of myself, I have learnt to apply many extensions on all the applications to use during school assignments. I deem most of us have become technologically advanced as presently our lives are revolving around automation. Everything is done on devices. It has also taught me to be courageous and patient as we do not know when this catastrophe will end, when will we begin going back to our daily routines. It is a bit tough to adapt to the new methodology of wearing masks, not touching anything, it has also taught us to adjust to difficult times. 

We have to keep hope and not give up, so I will end by remembering Dalai Lama’s pearls of wisdom, “Choose to be optimistic, it feels better.”

Praditya Shrivastava