The Year 2020 taught me how to face a virus (Yes I’m referring to Coronavirus – COVID -19).

It’s really hard to be in a house for months. But, this year it taught me how to stay in our house for months. (Yes because of the lockdown imposed from March 2020 onwards). And I was locked in my house for almost 4 months! 

In the month of June 2020, I started going to my friend’s house. The year 2020, also taught me how to make us busy when we are bored. My mother always used to say eat plenty of fruits which increase our immunity. Then in the month of December 2020 the new virus came. (Yes referring to the UK variant). It is part of Covid-19.

Also, the year 2020 taught me how to be independent while helping in the household work.

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~ Bhavya Eriwal

~ 4 B

~Arya Vidya Mandir Bandra (West)