At the start of the year I was very happy with my day to day activities, then when lockdown began I was happy for a couple of days, given the free time I had in hand. After some days I had started to feel very bored since I was running out of options to entertain myself on my own.

A few months later online school started and I learnt some new skills and a new form of learning. I am very grateful to my teachers for being patient and taking the efforts of guiding us through this learning process. I am grateful to my parents for providing the basic necessities like food, clothing and shelter especially during this pandemic. I appreciate the kindness shown towards me by our neighbours, friends, security service and those who thought of us, wished us on special occasions which we celebrated in our cozy home.

Last but not the least I thank the Almighty for keeping us safe and healthy and blessed always. I appreciate the gift of life, loved ones and most importantly mother nature as a provider.

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~ Tanish Fernandes

~5 C

~Arya Vidya Mandir Bandra (West)