Name-Nysa Samant

Std-4 Division-C

Topic-Gratitude & Kindness-The most valuable personal trait


The year 2020 has gone but this year was full of difficulties.Yes! its true that this year has taught us so many things.

All of us locked in our home realised the importance of everything in our life.We were thankful for the constant support and encouragement from covid warriors.This year instilled gratitude in all of us.Many of us tried our best to help the poor and the needy during these tough times.All these things made us better human beings and also taught us, how little deeds of kindness are important in life.

We all became a bit more positive, a bit more understanding even though 2020 has been a bit tough. Have a great new year!

2020 has been a tough year but we are tougher!!!!!!