The best time of my life is my time  in  school

I study  Newton, Pascal and Joule.

Not coming to school on time, I am given a  punishment

So being on time for me is a  great achievement.

When finding the value of x, y and zRelated image is a great task

Now I can solve the trickiest of the sums you’ll ask.

When your  friends’ tiffin seem tastier than yours

And eating it more like monkeys than matures.

And begging for games period is our part time job

Thinking about these memories just makes me sob.

Having those amazing times with friends and chatting endlessly

Oh how I love this and sometimes  miss them

I really love  the time

When we study, play and sing rhymes.

And  I look at these times and admire our place

Life simply moves to  another phase.



8 C

A.V.M B.W.