What is globalisation ? It is the removal of boundaries across continents, countries and cultures for the spread of trade, commercial,business,trends,services,and technologies.
With better communication, logistics(transport of goods and services) ,access to different parts of the world has become easier. Due to this products and services are developed keeping in view global appeal. Trends are adopted faster for various markets.
E.g. Mc’Donalds , KFC  ,7/11 Utility shops etc. Unification of markets across the world on basis of common trends,aspects,traits etc is the effect of globalisation. Some more benefits of globalisation are ;
– helps products to reach a wider audience.
-therefore companies can benefit higher sales and economy of scale in the process of manufacturing and delivery of services which brings down the overall cost and entice faster adoption of products and services
-the customers across the globe get the benefit of such cost competitiveness and latest technology access
-the economies across continents become interdependence as a result of globalisation
Due to rapid globalisation the world is becoming a global village because , product development and innovation is driven by global trends which has very fast penetration due to internet and cloud based communication and data exchanges.
A common job or business uses whatsapp to communicate with communicate with colleges using an iPhone,riding in Uber cabs,buying stuff from amazon,watching movies on Netflix, booking tickets for vacation on airbnb, taking online educational courses from international institutions ,eating at global food chains like Burger King,shopping  at walmart or inker stores.from the above description you cannot figure out from which place in the world does the person belongs to. This is the effect of globslisation where in a global citizen is emerging.
Hriday Desai
AVM Juhu