A group of scientists have set up a program to determine the reasons for climate changes: whether humans are responsible in some way OR whether the changes could be predicted.

  1. One of the main reasons of change is the growing human population.Our need for natural resources keeps increasing. The use of water has greatly increased making it a scarce resource. A major portion of forests has also disappeared for use of wood and other things. This will also result in increasing oxygen and increasing carbon dioxide. The temperature levels are also rising. The temperature rise directly affects lot of species survival and leads to their extinction.


  1. Climate change  impacts rising sea levels. This may lead to floods in some areas and drought in other areas due to the water-cycle effect. Melting ice will also be seen and as a result snow will be very rarely seen.



  1. Farmers in some areas find these climates unsuitable for the crops. The rising temperatures may reduce wheat productivity.Hence this may also led to depletion of food.
  2. If these things are not controlled the dengue fever and other diseases will become very common. The rising temperature also favours agricultural pests.

Global climatic change affects us all, but individual countries can manage only the activities that take place within their borders; to confront a global problem, we need a global solution.

The components of Earth-system are also changing. Measurements of earth-processes have led to conclusion that our planet has moved outside the range of natural variability in last many years. A lot of research is being done to understand the Earth’s systems.

Vihaan Vora