The twenty first century that we live in is rapidly progressing and we must keep up with changing times and ideas. In the past eight to ten years, not just our country, our world has also made incredible discoveries in various fields.

In the States, Donald Trump has won the US elections to become the next president of the United States, beating his rival Hillary Clinton. This is a global change because America is a superpower and it’s president has a lot of responsibility in contributing to maintaining peace between the nations of the world. It interests me because not many had expected Trump to win the elections as he was not the most popular choice, but people have accepted him because they think he deserves a chance to redeem himself from his past mistakes. Also, many countries like Russia, China, USA and India are exploring opportunities make Mars more habitable because our Earth shall soon be facing more problems like the ones in Delhi. As you know, the air pollution in Delhi has reached drastic levels and if something isn’t done to control this sort of thing happening all over our planet, it is quite possible that Earth might not be livable in the next few decades.

Mars is the second planet, after Earth, that is most suitable for humans, and the first preference if we want our species to survive.

Our generation wants to explore new possibilities everywhere and doesn’t want to stop at one idea, one discovery. We want to brainstorm and invent to make the world a better place for us and the future generations.

Efforts by: Ananya Nichani

AVM Bandra East