What is your proof for the creation of World? Isn’t it unlimited? So, the proof should be unlimited too! My evidence for the ultimate creation is God. As the world unlimited, the creator, God too is unlimited. Then why does lord Krishna have his own look? That’s because we need to worship and pray for our benefit in the future.

Mythological books produce a lot of information about our ancestors, God, etc. We can then develop the right and learn from the wrong. What does Lord Ganesha teach us? I’ll tell you!

Poor lord Ganesh only has one and half teeth while we have thirty two! Why so? This is because Ganesha was instructed to write the Mahabharata. While writing, he broke his pencil so to continue his work; he broke half of his tooth and used it as a pencil. This sacrifice tells us that we should be ready to help at any cost.

Another lesson is that he keeps a delicious Modak in his hand. In Sanskrit the word ‘modak’ means joy. This says that he gives us to keep our happiness in our own hand.

The next thing is his sitting position. Isn’t it a little weird? One leg up & one down! That’s because He conveys a message that one side of our mind should be calm while the other side should be active.

Why does he keep a mouse with him? Everyone knows that a mouse keeps nibbling on things but when he is with God, he is calm, composed and focused.

You must know that Ganesha has an elephant head and he holds a rope like thing. It is called Goad. It is used to whip elephants. He keeps it so he can control himself. This teaches us that even we should keep ourselves controlled.

See, how much do we learn from Ganesha!

By Sanaya Vakharia, Class 6B