Jingle! Jingle! I am not Santa Claus.

I am impressed by your sharp wit. You cracked this riddle like an egg. I am ma lambent coin.The story of my youth creeps into my mind. Let me take you a few years back. I was born in a lambent mint. I was born on 25th February 2009. I had my glorious family and comades. I was the shiniest in mint because I was as fresh as a daisy. I was separated from my splendid family and comrades and was shipped to the bank. I made several new friends like 10 rupee coins and 5 rupee coins.

One day I was given to a wealthy woman. She put me in a fleecy bag which contained old coins and their fragrance wafted in the purse. One day my mistress had to give me to a flower vendor. The flowers were very vibrant. I slipped from my mistress’ hand and fell into the filthy muddy water.

I will be stuck here till the end of my life. I was feeling doleful and one day I was taken to the dumpyard and dumped there. When they crushed me I was in unbearable agony and I died.

Soham Hassija