When you step on the field to play,
Those glorious 90 minutes can make your day,
All your troubles go away,
All you focus is on how to play,
The time you spent,worked hard and perspired,
After your success millions will be inspired,
The smallest things you learn when you train,
You not only use your body but also your brain.

Team work is a major need,
If it is there you succeed indeed!
When you feel the ball at your feet,
The body goes at an insane level of heat,
That feeling when you wear your cleats,
That pleasure when you have a clean sheet.
And when you attack and score a goal,
This time you have played a major role.

The jersey becomes our skin,
We work hard to win,
To be on top of the table is our only aim,
With every match we improve our game,
Play for the team and not for yourself,
Play to win trophies and fill that empty shelf.

Football is one of the finest arts,
It is a sport which touches million hearts,
Don’t know about others but it surely touches mine,9
It helps forget all troubles and makes everything fine,
It is something which I wouldn’t ever decline.

The connection of heart to this divine game is direct,
Playing it makes feel everything perfect,
They say true love is very hard to be found,
Yes I found it-It’s the football ground!!

Krish Kheskani


AVM Juhu