As the saying goes, “Experience comes with age,” we develop our mental ability and skills as we grow up and go through sad and happy memories alike which help us to accumulate experience which in turn guides through the challenges that life throws at us, and helps us take decisions in our lives. Here’s a story that really brings out the truth of experience being the greatest teacher of all.

Charles Dickens is a person we’ve all heard of (probably!), who used to live in a mansion, had a couple of million dollars in his bank’s accounts, owned an army of Rolls-Royces and, yes, was one of the greatest writers on the planet. But, long ago, there was a little boy, with no money in his torn pocket, and was sleeping on the street. His father had been thrown into prison, and his mother had gone along with his father. Young Charles (only twelve at the time!) was forced to work twelve hours a day, six days a week for a mere fifteen shillings. But he turned out a millionaire. How, you may ask, did a poor guy on the street become the Charles Dickens? The thing is, he learned from experience. He learned how to survive out on the streets, how to fend for himself. He learned lessons from poverty that you couldn’t possibly learn on your own. He learnt the values of friendship, of care and love for humanity, and he sat down, took up a pen, and started to write, not based off of education, but off the experience that he had accumulated, and lo, he turned out to become great! Despite the fact that he failed time and time again, he kept on trying, and using all of his experience and determination, he succeeded and got famous. His experience helped him live forever, through his books and all the things that he did.

“Try and try until you succeed” is a famous quote with a golden meaning. The more we try, the greater experience we accumulate, and the less trouble we have moving forwards to success.

The first time we try something, we probably fail and make mistakes, but the experience that comes with failure ultimately leads unto the golden fruit of succees.

Hriday Desai


AVM, Juhu