The topic,” Experience,the greatest teacher of life” means that in one’s life whatever one has experienced  ,it teaches us something…..The first time I went to an orphanage was on January 31,2016 on my sister’s birthday. When we reached the orphanage it was very quiet. However  when the orphans came to meet us, they were very disciplined and had big wide smiles on their faces. And when they got their gifts they were very happy and we left soon, but yet they had the big wide smiles on their faces. What I learnt from this experience was that even after losing their parents and going through a tough phase in life, they still found happiness in the smallest of things!

Have you ever travelled in a bus all alone? Oh, yes! I had travelled in a bus all by myself on 30th June, 2019. I went from Wadala to Sion in bus number 63. It was a really boring trip and also there was nobody in the bus except the driver, the conductor and me. I got down at the second last stop. What I learnt from this experience was that a person should be independent and should not get scared when travelling locally. Have you ever got lost on a crowded airport? I have! Once I  got lost in a crowded airport. It was a nightmare! I got lost at the Dubai airport. Our flight was delayed by a few hours. I went to see when the gates were opening for us to go back to India. As I was a little drowsy I lost my way and couldn’t got back to where my parents were sitting. So while trying to find my way back, I found an Indian girl with a group of other people and asked her for calling from her phone but unfortunately her phone was dead. The kind girl took me to the airport police. The police took me and the group in a buggy to find my parents. When I finally found them I came to know that my mother and grandmother had gone for shopping and my father and grandfather were happily sitting engrossed in their mobiles. What I learnt from this experience was that we should not panic in any situation we are in and  every problem has a solution, but to find it we have to try our best and not lose hope.

  Aashi Shah                                                                                          

   V – B