Once upon a time I remember,

When I was quite young a friend,

I fell off the swing in school,

And in blood, my shirt was drenched.

Weeping and crying I spent an hour,

As I had broken my nose alright,

I called my mother thrice back then,

When she finally arrived with a sprite.

She took me to the hospital immediately,

And got me treated in a jiffy,

For two weeks I had a plaster on my nose,

Which slowly managed to unfold.

I was fine after then,

When my father came back from his trip,

He saw the band-aid on my nose,

And then with a smile he said

“What happened to my dear Princess,

Did she have a fall?

Never mind, its just a scratch,

You’re a braveheart after all.”

He taught me the lesson of my life,

To never be scared.

Such small things keep happening he thought,

But we had to keep trying again.

He believed people learn from mistakes,

And many happenings in life,

A small failure or fall isn’t the end,

Because experience is my teacher, my friend.

  • Swaraa Sule
  • Class 9A
  • V.C.W Arya Vidya Mandir (BE)