Experience is any moment in life which comes by us which either greet us with a warm smile or a blow in the face. Experience is said to be the key moments in our life of certain things we remember forever. Experience is the greatest teacher because we can be educated and know the ways but not know how to imply it in our daily lives. People around us share experiences which they have experienced in their lives to help us be a better person. Some experiences are very harsh but it is for a reason. An experience will be of different kinds but if we take a message away from that experience than you are a person who will surely grow. Experience is the power of nature that will help us learn the knowledge we won’t get from any source. A mistake is also an experience which we should be sure not to repeat. Experiencing life and different elements is part of our journey which is not stored in our brains but in ours hearts which enables us to make right choices in the future.

Saksham Agarwal, 9B