Things learnt through experience are the ones we remember for a lifetime. Like a good teacher, the lessons experience teach us are pretty thorough and ignore them at your own peril. They leave a lasting impression upon us. Let us warrant ourselves take a comic, yet incredibly deep example. Suppose we were to journey(only in spirit, that is) to a household like any other, where a child, curious about fire, tries to thrust his finger into it. The message could not have been told clearer to him, even if you had screamed it into his little ears. His mind, at this point, understands, through experience that FIRE HURTS! He will, notwithstanding the scar he might have incurred, remember it for life. So it is with all of us who test ourselves with the fires of life, and learn through the experience we gather. I too, remember an incident that truly taught me an important, but painful lesson.

It was Sport’s Day, and I had decided to play to my strengths, participate in athletics. The day of the race, I was as ready to win as though I had already won it, all I had to do was go and take my medal. I ran as if my life depended on it, but after the first round, I noticed everybody was far behind me. This is when I faltered, I became overconfident. I actually stopped running and, just a dozen meters from the finish line, stopped running. It was enough for the guys in the back to catch up, whirling past me and dashing my dreams of getting that medal into dust. I cried and I cried, but the biting truth I learned, the experience of that race, has stood by me, and taught me a valuable lesson.

People could also learn from the words of wise men, who in turn have penned down all that they have from their experience, but the thing is, it doesn’t take on meaning, it remains another jumble of words on a piece of paper, unless we actually live those words. Mind, this is not always the easiest way to learn, so if you’d prefer to keep safe, you are free to do so. But, experience is the fountainhead of all knowledge.

Life is one great journey and experience is the best teacher we can possibly come across. Learning the true value of patience and forbearance when in times of adversity, accumulating wisdom from our mistakes…. it’s all there, we just need to learn about it all

“Education helps people read, difficulty helps drive them, but experience equips them.” Therefore, we must learn from our experiences, as ” The battle of life is by no means easy, but experience is your best leading path”

Krishita Pasari


AVM, Juhu