Classroom teaching boards have evolved over a period of time starting from blackboards to whiteboards to projector screens used by teachers and from writing slates to books to electronic gadgets like tablets, iPads and mobiles used by students.

Erasable slates had been used for centuries. Even today in villages slates are the favoured medium for writing. However, slates were small and needed to be erased time and again. Information could not be preserved in them.

Blackboards and chalk is still a widely used method. However, the chalks, despite being a cheap medium for classroom training, create a lot of dust and are difficult to grip for writing.

Whiteboards are used my many schools. It is much easier to write on them with a whiteboard marker and it is also easier to read.

Projector screens have made teaching and learning fun, friendly and flexible. The teachers use charts, diagrams, videos and presentations to make learning easier.

With new technologies, we expect more advances in the field of education to make education more fun.