“Water is life” – We go on and on saying that, while not understanding the true meaning of that. What does that mean? No one knows it clearly, but yes, everyone has their own opinions and views. I feel that the quote means whatever you do to water, you do the same to your life.

Like: If you waste water, you waste your life. While if you save water, you are making a positive impact with your life. In this essay, I am going to elaborate on: A. How to save water? B. Why do we need to save water? You might have the question, “how do we save water?” Here are some of the few ways to save water:

Rainwater harvesting – While taking water from a water purifier, take half glass of water so that you do not waste it, use leftover water for watering plants, process waste water, avoid tap leakages, close taps while brushing, create awareness, use a bucket for bathing, not a shower .

Why do we need to save water?

1.To prepare for future droughts: Global warming has led to change in climatic patterns and an increase in extreme weather events like droughts and flooding. In this case, the water we harvested and saved can only help us.

2.To strengthen communities: All humans fight for resources. Some people say the next war will be over water, not over power or land. So save water to save the world. If there is enough water, we neighbours won’t fight over water.

3.To preserve environment: Trees need water, and we need trees for oxygen. If there are no trees, there will be no living things in this world.

4. Water for recreation: We all like going to water parks, right? But, if there is no water, then how can we supply water for the water parks? So save water and the water fun. So now we have understood how to save water, and also the reasons why we must save water. Please implement the things you have learnt in this article for a better future.