Fresh water is needed for:

  1. Growing plants and trees for the food we eat and the air we breathe
  2. Drinking – A human being cannot survive without drinking water
  3. Stay Healthy – Bathe and wash to clean away dirt and germs
  4. Cooking our food
  5. Working the factories for making anything that we use
  6. Building our homes

Save Water and Do not waste it:

DO NOT: Keep the tap on whilst brushing

DO: Put the tap off and save more than 11 liters of clean water

DO NOT: Take more than 10 minutes in the shower

DO: Cutting down 5 minutes in the shower can save 40 liters of clean water

DO NOT: Let pipes drip and leak

DO: Fix them to save more than 50 liters of clean water

Krishaana Jaiswal

Class I A

Roll No. 8