With several educational options available to students today, newer trends are emerging in this field which has completely changed the traditional perceptions about education in India. Several career options that were earlier not considered to be traditional have emerged as the most sought after education and career options. Various career options in like radio jockeying, radio management, news anchoring, program anchoring, news reading and reporting for the electronic media, content writing, fashion designing and event management have opened up several newer avenues for education.

The Indian education system has vastly changed from the old gurukul system, however, many core values of the traditional system are still embedded within today’s system of education. Nevertheless, many changes are also being brought up nowadays.

Online Education is fast becoming a vastly used mode of education among students. Enrolling to regular courses is increasingly getting highly competitive in India; so online education and distance education has come as a wonderful alternative and several students opt for this. As the term itself suggests, online education means web based learning. So, the methods used for implementing online education may differ from institute to institute.

Traditional study courses like medicine, engineering and other subjects still have lots of demand. However, with the changing trends in the global and national economic scenario newer courses are fast emerging as alternative. The recent trends in education have certainly shown a deviation from the earlier trends.


Dhruv Kikani


AVM Juhu