Stop waiting for the future. Telling yourself, “I’ll be happy when …” is one of the easiest
unhappy habits to fall into. These don’t lead to happiness. Instead focus on being happy right
now, in the present moment, because there’s no guarantee of the future.
Stop spending too much time and effort acquiring “things.” When you make a habit of chasing
things, you are likely to become unhappy but the real things that can make you happy are friends,
family, and hobbies.
Stop reacting on criticism. The less emotionally affected you are by praise and compliments, the
less you’ll be emotionally affected by critics and their words. And result? Yes, you will be
Stop staying home. When you feel unhappy, it’s tempting to avoid other people. This is a huge
mistake as socializing, even when you don’t enjoy it, is great for your mood.
Stop seeing yourself as a victim. The problem with that philosophy is that it fosters a feeling of
helplessness, and people who feel helpless aren’t likely to take any action to make things better.
Be aware of that you’re not the only person that bad things happen to, and you do not have
control over your future. STOP worrying and be happy.
Stop spending too much time with your phone. Instead, have productive conversation with
positive-minded people or read a book with good thoughts. Then at the end of the day, you will
be happy.
Stop pessimism. The problem with a pessimistic attitude, if you expect bad things, you’re more
likely to get bad things.
Stop spending more than you earn. Spend less than you earn. Common sense, but it can make
people worry free and happy.
Stop complaining, complaining itself is troubling as well as the attitude that precedes it.
Complaining is a self-reinforcing behavior. By constantly talking – and therefore thinking,
fueling unhappiness. Beyond making you unhappy, complaining drives other people away.
Stop sweeping problems under the rug and be happy. Happy people are accountable for their
actions. When they make a mistake, they own it. Unhappy people, on the other hand, try to hide
Stop not improving. Because unhappy people are pessimists and they tend to sit back and wait
for life to happen to them. Instead of that, one must set goals, learn, and improve themselves and
be happy.
Stop jealousy and envy because they are incompatible with happiness. So, if you’re constantly
comparing yourself with others, it’s time to stop.
Stop pretending to be someone you are not. This will change people’s opinion about you and you
will be happy without any regret.

Stop over-usage of the word “sorry”. People are likely to take advantage of you if you’re the one
to apologize all the time. So, do not be over-anxious about your behavior and be happy.
Stop not appreciating the little things around you. This small practice makes you happy.
Stop saying yes to things you want to say no to and be free, happy.
Stop being busy to be non-productive. Creativity leads to happiness.

Abhirup Som
Class – V-A
AVM Juhu